OPTIMI$ER Makes It Easier to Coordinate Care and Lower Costs in Perioperative & In-Patient Units

Inefficient processes and the pain points that define them can compromise patient outcomes and operational performance. OPTIMI$ER’s fundamental architecture suits the workflow requirements of Perioperative and In-Patient Units—with their complex process steps, numerous information exchanges between care givers and patients, and multiple time-bound requirements.

OPTIMI$ER Removes Workflow “Silos” — For Dynamic Information Exchange

Using best-practice business process rules, proven workflow automation tools, and Lean and Six-Sigma principles, OPTIMI$ER improves timeliness and accuracy of data related to a patient and the status of his/her hospital encounter. OPTIMI$ER orchestrates critical process steps via information push and pull, task alerts, and workflow dashboards, and it can prioritize and direct work to the appropriate person. Although the workflow engine architecture is standardized, it allows for customization.

OPTIMI$ER Reduces Clinical Workflow Errors, Omissions, and Duplications So You Can:

  • Lower costs
  • Increase patient throughput and higher revenues
  • Boost staff productivity and satisfaction
  • Improve patient safety and satisfaction

OPTIMI$ER Interfaces with Most EHR, Lab, and Practice Management Systems PLUS:

  • Provides HIPAA compliance
  • Supports mobile access via laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Operates in the cloud or via an on-site server