Results Hospital Perioperative

Perioperative Suite: Results Shown in a 460+ Bed Hospital

  • 20,365 surgeries performed annually

The Hospital’s Pre-Anesthesia Testing (PAT) Workflow Issues

  • Lack of IT interoperability
  • Handwritten/Paper-driven information exchange
  • Imbalance of clerical vs. clinical tasks for RNs/NPs
  • Limited multi-viewer access to patient flow charts
  • Lack of real-time “status at a glance” across a population of patients

The Hospital’s Annualized Benefit To-Date = $1.4million

  • + 35% FTE Productivity = $108K:
    • $108K salary reduction of 1.35 FTE nursing time spent in clerical tasks has allowed for either a reduction in FTE’s or a reassignment of the FTE’s to another service area.
  • Incremental Pre-Anesthesia Unit Net Revenue = $292K:
    • $292K from additional PAT patients seen by reassigned RN FTE.
  • Improved DOS Throughput = $1040M:
    • $1,040M gross revenue from a reduction of surgery cancellations (1 case per day at an average of $4,000 per case).
  • Cost Savings = 8K:
    • $8K from reduced FAX reliance.
  • Costs = $78K:
    • OPTIMI$ER $75K; Auto fax feature $1.5K; Hospital IT Support $1K.

The Hospital’s Return on Investment = 2 Months

The Improvement to Staff Satisfaction = +78% Directly Attributable to OPTIMI$ER