Optimium Health Invited to Cerner Global Conference

Each year Cerner, one of the largest and most innovative health technology companies in the world, holds a conference for 10,000+ health care professionals and administrators who are on the hunt for solutions to make patient care more efficient and effective. In October 2015, the “invitation only” conference will include Optimium Health (OHI) as one of its emerging technology exhibitors. OHI’s inclusion is in recognition of the impressive results OHI has achieved with OPTIMI$ER, a clinical workflow software designed to eliminate the process errors and communication breakdowns that can plague a patient’s surgical journey from surgical decision to the day of surgery.

Positioned as an opportunity to drive the health care industry forward and create a culture of connectivity, the Cerner Health Conference (CHC) brings client and industry partners together to show how technology can be used to communicate differently and more efficiently within the health care community as well as out to patients. The CHC offers a gateway to the leading-edge technologies Cerner and companies like OHI have developed to meet the complex and ever-changing needs of healthcare today.

OHI and OPTIMI$ER first caught the attention of a Cerner executive earlier this year. OHI’s invitation to exhibit at the CHC came after a rigorous vetting process that included demonstrations and discussions with Cerner clients, including the MedStar Institute for Innovation and one of MedStar’s 10 hospitals in the DC Metro area.

As Pete Celano, part of the MedStar team commented, “Cerner’s invitation to OHI to exhibit is a clear signal it sees OPTIMI$ER as a complement to its existing products and a potential difference maker in the way hospitals can improve both patient care and operational performance.” And with those words of insight and encouragement, OHI is further emboldened to make a meaningful difference for patients and the people and institutions that care for them.

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