Improved OR Scheduling and Turnover

Healthcare Purchasing News recently interviewed OPTIMIUM Health (OHI) founders Vicki Harrison and Mark Stega, MD to discuss the innovative way in which their company has brought workflow technology into the surgical setting. Specifically, the publication’s article focuses on improved OR scheduling and turnover while highlighting the benefits OPTIMI$ER Perioperative modules for pre-anesthesia testing, day of surgery pre-op, operating room management, and surgical office integration have brought to staff productivity, patient outcomes, and overall financial performance.

Ready, Set, Go – Staying on Track with OR Scheduling” – Turnover The operating room (OR) is like a living center. It runs around the clock with several moving parts and people. Every detail matters at every point of service – from pre-operative procedures, surgery scheduling and supply planning to room set-up, equipment cleaning and patient discharges.

Despite its revolving activity and potential for errors, the OR is expected to perform and transition smoothly and expediently, in order to best meet the needs of patient care and hospital budgets.

“Studies show astronomical OR costs per minute. Any time you can shorten the turnover time turns that non-revenue generating time into revenue generating time; that adds value for everybody. Any product or service that supports the efficiency of the OR to meet the demand of scheduled starts has value directly to the bottom line of a hospital,” explains Suzanne Champion RN, BSN, MBA, CNOR, Director Clinical Operations, U.S. Acute Sales, Cardinal Health.

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