LEAN Healthcare: A 10x Return on Investment – The New Reality

It is one thing to pat yourself on the back for job well done. It is quite another to have a nationally recognized thought leader in process efficiency and continuous improvement acknowledge your technology as an important tool for healthcare organizations to adopt if they are serious about making sustainable changes to the way they deliver patient care and degree to which they embrace Lean Healthcare .

Focus & Leverage

Bob Sproull, a senior business consultant, speaker, and author of three books who has expertise in Healthcare, Manufacturing and MRO, gave Optimium Health and our clinical workflow suite, OPTIMI$ER, a special call out in his blog earlier this month. Below is an excerpt:

My blog is focused primarily on the Theory of Constraints and how to use it to maximize the profitability of any company. I also discuss why integrating TOC with Lean and Six Sigma is the most dynamic improvement methodology available today.

In this posting I want to shift gears a bit and talk about some real problems facing healthcare today. This posting is based upon conversations I’ve had with Vicki Harrison of Optimium Health, Inc. As you will see, Vicki’s company has some great solutions for problems that have plagued hospital perioperative services for some time. I know of these problems because I have been confronted with them on my own healthcare consulting engagements. Specifically these problems are centered on work flow into and out of surgical units.

Optimium Health has developed amazing new software that more or less synchronizes all of the required activities needed to prepare a patient for surgery. They call their product OPTIMI$ER and based upon results seen during Phase I it is worth every dollar spent.

Phase I Results Summary: $1,088,000 Net of Increased Revenue and Expense Reduction for Pre Anesthesia Screening Services: Note – Results below reflect only patient clearance process not a full perioperative setting implementation.

Click here to view Bob Sproull’s blog.

About Bob Sproull

Bob is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Theory of Constraints Jonah. He is a nationally known speaker and author of three books. His consulting engagements focus on teaching companies how to maximize their profitability through an integrated Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma (TLS) improvement methodology. He is an experienced manufacturing executive who has served as the former Manager of the Office of Continuous Improvement for Army Fleet Support and a Vice President of Quality, Engineering and Continuous Improvement for two different manufacturing companies.

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