Optimium Health and MS2 Form Strategic Alliance

Thursday, May 1st, 2013 – Annapolis, MD; USA

Optimium Health is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Medical Strategies & Management Systems (MS2), a leader in patient flow logistics whose aim is to improve operational efficiency. Optimium Health’s workflow technology overlay, OPTIMI$ER (TM), will complement MS2’s existing arsenal of tools for client engagements that require a technology solution in order to achieve optimum patient flow efficiency.

Founded in 2004 by clinicians, MS2 is a team of Hospital patient flow logistics experts focused on hospital process redesign, capacity management and operational efficiency. They help hospitals identify and solve the operational constraints that limit institutional patient flow and decrease patient satisfaction with hospital services. MS2’s mission is to help develop operationally efficient and adeptly managed provider health organizations without the need for capacity expansion, staffing increases or technology investments.

MS2 currently serves Hospitals, Healthcare Systems, Physician Groups and Healthcare Consulting Firms that need to identify, design and implement fundamental system-wide changes to address complex patient flow deficiencies. Our clients are able to increase market share, improve staff retention, obtain recognition as a service leader, increase revenue margins, and avoid costly physical capacity expansions. Some of the issues we help solve include:

Emergency Department Problems:

  • ED Overcrowding
  • Lengthy Waiting Times
  • Declining ED Revenues
  • Patients Leaving Unseen
  • Ambulance/EMS Diversions
  • Patient and Staff Dissatisfaction
  • Poor Ancillary Department Interfaces
  • High Emergency Department Boarding Hours

Hospital Operational Issues:

  • High Hospital Readmission Rates
  • Low Number of Predicted Discharges
  • Low Number of Discharges Before Noon
  • High Number of PACU Boarding Hours
  • Declining or Stagnant HCAHPS Scores
  • Lengthy Admissions/Discharge Processes
  • Poor Utilization of OR, PACU, ICU and IP Units
  • Unaddressed State Reportable Core Measures

Learn more at: https://www.ms2group.com.

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