Top 10 Technology Solution: OPTIMIUM Health

Healthcare Technology Outlook recently selected OPTIMIUM Health, and specifically its feature product OPTIMI$ER, as one of the 2019 Top 10 technology solution providers for operating room management. Selection criteria included demonstrable patient outcome and staff satisfaction improvement as well as increased day-to-day operational efficiency and financial performance. OPTIMI$ER has a strong track record for delivering on each of these measures.

“Optimizing Workflows for Improved Medical Outcomes” – Healthcare Tech Outlook: A typical, moderately accommodated hospital in the US undertakes approximately 100 to 150 operations on a daily basis. Care providers start preparing patients for surgery at least 10 days prior to the day of the operation and continue post-surgical follow-up up to two weeks after the procedure is completed. Caregivers schedule surgeries considering the medical status of the patient and the anesthesia to be administered at the time of the operation. Besides assuring that patients have all appropriate tests and procedures, preparing equipment for surgeries and obtaining the necessary medical and financial clearances, caregivers focus on educating the patient about the nature of the operation and how to adapt to their health conditions after the procedure.

However, if a patient’s health deteriorates or one of the above mentioned procedures, tests or clearances are missed on or before the day of surgery, the entire schedule is upset, giving way to a huge financial loss for the hospital. Aiming to eliminate missed steps, lack of transparency and inefficiencies that cause case cancellations, delays and loss of revenue, Optimium Health was formed. Led by Vicki G. Harrison, and Mark Stega, M.D., the company improves interoperability, operational efficiency, and improved communication among staff at caregiver organizations via its perioperative workflow management software, OPTIMI$ER™.

To read the full Healthcare Tech Outlook article and and learn more about Optimium Health, a top 10 technology solution provider please follow the link:

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