NEWS FLASH 1/24/14: Optimium Health Success at Sinai Hospital in its Pre-Anesthesia Testing Services Unit: +$500K Incremental Revenue & +78% Staff Satisfaction

Workflow Inefficiency Can Lead to Big Problems

  • Does your hospital or practice lose revenue due to surgical delays or cancellations?
  • Do scheduling glitches leave your operating rooms idle too often and too long?
  • Do your clinicians spend more time doing clerical tasks than they would like?
  • Is interoperability between your IT systems limited or non-existent?
  • Do problems arise because manual information exchanges between departments and caregivers are error prone, untimely, and difficult to read?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, Optimium Health can help. We support operational excellence in provider healthcare organizations with proven IT solutions that: 1) streamline clinical workflow, 2) improve financial return, and 3) enhance the patient experience.

Boost Productivity with OPTIMI$ER (TM)

The OPTIMI$ER Clinical Process Management Suite helps hospitals and physician group practices better orchestrate the patient journey from first appointment to eventual treatment and discharge.

  • OPTIMI$ER serves as a “bridge” to facilitate information exchange between disparate IT systems and eliminates unnecessary manual data transfer.
  • OPTIMI$ER uses “best practice” business rules to guide caregivers through specific process steps.

Improve Financial Performance and Patient Outcomes

OPTIMI$ER is a cost-effective way for healthcare organizations to meet the growing demand for services with more timely and accurate care delivery. Specifically, it reduces errors, omissions, and duplications leading to:

  • increased patient throughput
  • lower costs; higher revenues
  • improved staff productivity and satisfaction
  • improved patient safety and satisfaction

As a direct result of the above, our customers have increased their profit 5% and achieved a return on investment in less than 3 months.

“There is a need for qualified people who know how to help with workflow adaptation and how to implement software packages so they work for the organization.”

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